How it Works


All for one price that makes sense.

$1495/month(exclusive City)

60 - 80 leads/month

$2995/month(exclusive County)

200 Leads+/month

No Setup Fees, No Long term Commitment!


This program is not for everyone, and we want to partner with the industry’s best, or up and coming. We’re looking for Real Estate Agents who are:

1)  Full time and dedicated to the real estate business.

2)  Are hungry, self-driven, motivated go getters that dream big.

3)  Embrace technology and looking forward to the digital revolution.

4)  Not afraid to work long hours or weekends when needed.

5)  Already do a minimum of 1 transaction a month.

6)  Have very strong sales skills, networking skills, and oozing with confidence.


The first step in this program is to stabilize each Real Estate Agent’s referral sources, add new ones to achieve an AVERAGE of 5 closed transactions per month. Here are the numbers.

$(average transaction amount)= $2,000,000 /monthly production or $24,000,000 a year in annual production.
%(compensation)= $720,000 gross compensation per year.

While everyone sells at a different pace, we keep marketing,
branding and supporting you until we get there.

Then we move to Step #2!



Connect and network with hundreds of top real estate agents around the country. This is the top 10% of the industry (or soon will be!). Motivate each other, scenarios, solutions to problems and taking the next steps in your career. Meet and talk with top Loan Officers about client scenario’s as well.


We commit to you that with your hard work, sales and networking skills, that we will put leading minds together in marketing, leadership, public relations, technology and branding, to grow your business and significantly increase your income.


Our team is led by executives who have already had large success as real estate agents and have been in industry veteran for over 15 years. We’re experts in Real Estate, Transactions, Branding, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Communication, CRM’s, Sponsored Ad’s, and of course, growing businesses. We’re experts in adapting to the Real Estate Environment, so we know when to change things around. We also know that your peak times are from March – November (in some markets), so we may need to beef up our efforts in order for your production and income not to drop.

The problem is not IF there is business, the problem is WHERE the business is. We know how to get it, and how to brand you to be the go to person in your City so that people are looking for you.